Heat Stress


The management of thermal exposures has long been an issue not only because of the extremes of the environment but also as a result of the variability associated with the human body. Heat stress has proven to be a key issue in industry as well as day to day life, not only impacting directly on the individual but also indirectly as a contributing factor in many safety incidents. Assessment of the hot thermal environment can best be approached via a systematic three step approach that may be applied to a number of varying scenarios where there is a potential risk to heat stress (see blog on the three step protocol). It allows for the application of the right tool for a specific task utilising a variation of risk assessment approaches There is much to discuss when looking into the thermal environment such as acute and chronic illness, hydration and acclimatisation as well as hot surfaces and contact burns and different control approaches across all levels of the hierarchy of controls. It is hoped that these different topics will be touched on and some discussion generated as we progress.


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