Monitoring heat in the field

Heat Related Injuries Research Survey

Currently the University of Adelaide is heading up a research project looking into heat related injuries in industry. This project is funded by the Australian Research Council and is being … Continue Reading →

Fact orMyths

Myth busting in heat stress.

There are many theories discussed in heat stress, some are based on fact but others are not. They often result in debate and varied opinion. Here we review five often … Continue Reading →

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The Predicted Heat Strain Mobile Application: It’s here and it’s FREE!

The University of Queensland project to develop a mobile phone application based on ISO 7933 Predicted Heat Strain is  complete. Rational heat stress indices have been shown to provide a … Continue Reading →


Heat Stress and the Pregnant Mother.

Given the change in social norms and the current economic climate it is not unusual see women remain at work well into the latter stages of their pregnancy. It is … Continue Reading →


Heat Stress and the Risk of Over-Hydration.

Sometimes too much fluid intake in hot environments can be dangerous.  One of the key messages that is drummed into people when working or playing sport in the hot weather … Continue Reading →

A commonly used cooling collar

Heat Stress & Personal Cooling Devices – Neck Collars

Ever wondered how effective those neck cooler ties are? They have evolved a long way from workers on construction sites with a wet handkerchief draped around their necks. I can … Continue Reading →

short to long1

Do long sleeve shirts increase the risk of heat stress for outdoor workers?

    Many companies are now insisting that their employees wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts when outdoors. Sometimes the justification relates to safety reasons such as protecting workers … Continue Reading →

bedouins in desert

So how important is colour of clothing when it comes to heat stress?

                          I was standing in line at a bank recently and two young ladies behind me were having … Continue Reading →

Tired jogger

Managing the Heat in Sport

            Some time ago I posted a blog relating to the soccer World Cup series proposed in Qatar in 2022 and the potential heat issues … Continue Reading →

Small Training

Heat Stress: Sometimes more detailed training material is needed.

            In a recent blog I mentioned that you should avoid death by PowerPoint when presenting information relating to heat stress. However there are occasions … Continue Reading →