Thermal References

Heat Stress References

I am often asked what books do I use for reference in relation to heat or cold stress. As sometimes they can prove to be quite useful if only to jog the memory or provide a bibliography as a starting point. There are two references you may find quite useful that I tend to refer to for different reasons. Probably the most comprehensive and one I regularly head to for information is Human Thermal Environments by Ken Parsons. This is a comprehensive text on hot and cold environments and a “must have” resource for anyone serious about the technical aspects of the thermal environment. Another useful reference is the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists publication,  A guide to managing Heat stress: Developed for use in the Australian Environment authored by myself, Ian Firth and Joseph Maté. Only updated this year, the text is not as comprehensive as the Parsons book but takes a very practical approach. It is written in two parts, a guide, which is succinct and written in a less technical style followed by the documentation which provides significantly more detail. If you have an interest in the thermal environment, these are two useful publications to have on your bookshelf. Full references are below.

Parsons, KC (2003).  Human Thermal Environments.  Taylor & Francis.

Ross Di Corleto, Ian Firth & Joseph Maté. (2013). A Guide to Managing Heat Stress: Developed for Use in the Australian Environment. Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists.


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